Xtra 235 Distance

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110.00 Grams
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The Xtra 235 Distance model, has stickier plastic that allows you to grip it and rip it, even with a disc coated in dog slobber. The grip, durability and stability of this disc make it the #1 choice among World Champions, National Champions, Quad Champions, etc. Over the past few years, this disc has won more toss & catch and distance events than any other disc.
The Xtra Distance model is available in all the usual colors: red, orange, yellow, green, dark blue, purple, white & pink. 
Color choices are subject to stock availability. 
The Xtra 235 Distance model is available for custom stamping as well. 
Whether you want to go long in a single disc event, or have the peace of mind that you can rock through a freestyle round without having to worry about splitting a rim, the Hero Xtra 235 line has you covered. 
Disc Size: 235 (235mm; standard disc) 
Disc Weight: 110gram +/- 2g