Superhero 235 Ice Dye

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136.00 Grams
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SUPERSWIRL ICE DYES are made from the same durable, bite resistant plastic as the SUPERHERO. 
As with the Superhero, SUPERSWIRL ICE DYES are beautiful, translucent canine-candy. Discs are individually hand crafted and dyed with safe eco-friendly inks.
SuperHero products are manufactured in the USA in conjunction with the master molders at Innova Champion Discs. Featuring puncture and bite resistant plastic, this Hero product guarantees more game time with your favorite companion.
Photos for reference only. Each disc is unique and can vary from the photos shown.
Each disc weighs approximately 136 grams (+/- 2 grams).
Disc size: 235 (235mm; standard size)
Hero Discs are competition and safety approved.